Sharepoint 2010 - One or more services have started or stopped unexpectedly

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Does anyone know why I keep getting the following message in Sharepoint 2010 review problems and solutions list:

The following services are managed by SharePoint, but their running state does not match what SharePoint expects: SPAdminV4. This can happen if a service crashes or if an administrator starts or stops a service using a non-SharePoint interface. If SharePoint-managed services do not match their expected running state, SharePoint will be unable to correctly distribute work to the service.

Failing Services: SPTimerService (SPTimerV4)

I assume this is referring to Sharepoint 2010 Timer Service but I can only see this in the services msc (and it is running), not in the Application Management > Manage services on server.

Does anyone know why this keeps occurring and how I can stop it?

Note - I looked in the event log and all I can see is that same error.

Mr ShoubsH
2010-11-16 14:24:16 Scores:0
Stopped outside the SP admin console, with Adminstrative Tools...Services, perhaps?
2010-11-16 14:30:17 Scores:0
I'm the only one with access and I haven't stopped it.
Mr ShoubsH
2010-11-16 14:31:38 Scores:0
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