How to set the Screen Refresh Rate in my IPad

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what i want to do is to display my image on two monitor2. i notice that Refresh Rate of my Ipad is too high for my monitor, how can I detemine the Screen Refresh Rate in my IPad and change it?

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Answer 1

Most likely if you jailbreak your iPad, there is an App in Cydia where you can change the resolution and/or Refresh rate of your iPad's screen for your TV/Monitor. As an alternative, isn't there an option in the iPod app to control the refresh rate or screen resolution for TV output? I can't verify this because I have an iPhone 3G, it doesn't support TV-Output. =(

Good luck!

Daniel F H
2011-03-06 23:22:49
Answer 2

use "AirPlay" to stream between iPad and "AppleTV" device :)

flakefrost H
2011-04-07 05:22:14
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