How to get twitter user timeline in C# using Twitterizer

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i have the following code.

Twitter t1 = new Twitter("twitteruser","password");
                TwitterUser user =  t1.User.Show("username");
                if (user != null)
                    TwitterParameters param = new TwitterParameters();
                    param.Add(TwitterParameterNames.UserID, user.ID);
                    TwitterStatusCollection t =t1.Status.UserTimeline(param);                   

In the above code, I want to get user timeline. I am using Twitterizer API. The twitter documentation for getting timeline of user is Here

I have checked the fiddler whats going on. In fiddler the request is :

while i am expecting

Is anything left which i miss.

2010-01-28 10:54:40 Scores:3
It would help if you'd say what you're seeing compared with what you expect to see.
Jon SkeetH
2010-01-28 10:56:23 Scores:0

3 answers

Answer 1

This is a bug in the latest version of the Twitterizer Library.

I will try to get this corrected and post an update today.

If you run into any other issues, please contact the Twitterizer group directly, on our site ( you'll find links to our mailing list, twitter account, and you can submit but reports directly to our team.

Ricky (Twitterizer founder)

Ricky Smith H
2010-01-28 16:51:32
The update has been posted (you're the first to be told). Please go download version 1.0.146:
Ricky Smith H
2010-01-28 17:17:39 Scores:2
Thanks for the answer
Adeel H
2011-04-06 18:24:03 Scores:0
Answer 2

Here's how to get a user's timeline without using oAuth or any authentication, for that matter:

UserTimelineOptions options = new UserTimelineOptions();
options.ScreenName = "SCREENNAME OF TWITTER USER";
TwitterStatusCollection tweets = TwitterTimeline.UserTimeline(options).ResponseObject;
Tom H
2010-10-06 18:40:39
Your code is correct, however developer should consider authenticating more often than not. Using OAuth provides 350 requests per hour PER USER, whereas non-authenticated requests are limited to 100 requests per hour PER IP ADDRESS.
Ricky Smith H
2011-03-01 18:16:11 Scores:0
Answer 3

I have to agree with Eric. I only looked at Twitterizer for a few hours, and I have not found one example that shows how to load a user's timeline without authorization.

Will I figure it out eventually? Yeah, I'll have to and I will; but it will take me forever.

The link that Ricky Smith gave ( doesn't have this kind of simple example. The tutorials available on the internet that I found for twitterizer2, even those are not up-to-date and don't quite work or are missing information.

Ricky, how about being a lifesaver to me and others and showing us how to simply look at a user's public timeline, so there's no need for authorization? Whaddya'say?

yaron H
2010-09-06 20:17:40
Try this: `TwitterTimeline.UserTimeline(new UserTimelineOptions() { ScreenName = "twitterapi" };`
Ricky Smith H
2011-03-01 18:19:29 Scores:0
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