How to build good documentation with REST API in Rails?

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Currently, I am working on building RESTful web service in Rails. I am looking for some ways to build a good documentation in my Rails RESTful web service. I found some ways to do it:

  • Wiki like Twitter API
  • RDoc
  • WADL (I'm not sure if anyone is currently using it?)

Could anyone gives any recommendations?

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Documentation in which way? Are you talking about documenting the code of your rails application?
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I'm talking about documenting api that lets outside others developers be able to build on top the api.
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Walking WikiH
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2 answers

Answer 1

Are you saying you don't like the default output of these options?

If so, take a look at hanna or sdoc which will 'beautify' your rdoc. Cheers.

theIV H
2009-08-18 02:29:52
Answer 2

If you mean that you want documentation to be generated for every URI that your routes have made available, then you are not following the constraints of REST. A RESTful API can only have your entry-point URI. Descriptions of your media types show how to discover other resources via URIs embedded in the hypertext of your responses. So, there's no automated way to do this.

See Sun Cloud API for a great example.

aehlke H
2009-08-18 14:03:44
If you don't care about REST though, there are automated ways to generate docs for your URLs...
aehlke H
2011-01-08 00:47:55 Scores:0
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